The CMS and “De”-volving Web

Content Management Systems are great.  They give ownership back to the owner who can then control their website content.  But as a great man once said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’.  The responsibility is that owners need to expand skill sets to manage these platforms.  They may not be learning HTML or CSS (the traditional web technologies) but they will need to learn some new terms and tasks.  

Shortcodes, plugins, widgets, and themes will become part of their lexicon.   So even though we are advancing the web, it still has some “tech mystery”.   IT Corps has been migrating custom built sites to WordPress for several years with great success.  We find there are still certain phases of website design that has not changed.  Owners still need to take the time to understand the goals of their website and how to organize their content.  Even if you pay $1 for your website, you want to know how your site will be managed, kept up to date, and secure.  Take the time to explore our services.  Budgets are always tight and even though you can learn just about anything on the web, do you really have the time to take away from your business and its core functions?

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