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Website Development

IT Corps, Inc. realizes website technologies have changed and continue to evolve.  This evolution has allowed us to vary up the way we can help you either develop or refurbish your web presence.

Whether you are looking for a new  website, want to improve the “look and feel” so that it is more user (eg. “vistor”) focused, or integrate social media we have an option that will fit your budget.

· Building it by “Hand”

  • Using Adobe’s industry leading tools like Dreamweaver, Flash, and Fireworks our Dreamweaver Certified development team can craft a unique “look and feel”  for a responsive website while focusing on the user, that exceeds your expectations for your web presence.
  • Custom solutions allow you to get a web presence that is unique and ultimately give you what you want.

· Content Management System Solutions(CMS)

  • Having the ability to change your own website content without relying on third party web developers is a feature afforded by the CMS frameworks on the market today.  Names such as WordPressOpen Realty and  Joomla all give this.
  • We offer services to help develop and manage your CMS website.  These services range from graphic development to full website planning and implementation.
  • Explore our WordPress Services

· Website Training and Coaching Experience

  • Coaching allows us to give you tailored instruction to meet your immediate needs.  If you have a specific task, we can help you learn how to complete it.
  • Training allows us to deliver a package of materials so you get a broad overview.
  • Training and coaching can be done live-virtually, using video tutorials, or visiting you onsite.
  • Having an extensive background of over 15 years in technology training, we know the classroom experience quite well.

· Hosting Services  (click here)

  • Visit our IT Corps Express site for a wide assortment of services.
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